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Don't know what to do with myself.

My grandfather, the one who walked me down the aisle at my wedding, has been diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer. He's currently in the ICU, with fluid filled lungs, which are affecting his pacemaker... Which means that they can't do any sort of chemo until his lungs stop being full of stuff.

I can't even begin to think about work today. I called out, I know that stinks for my work ethic, and also stinks on my attendance points... and I don't even give a shit. My grandfather is dying, and I feel so damn helpless...

Fuck, I need a hug.

It's been 15 weeks since I last did this


I think part of the reason I kind of fell off here is because I journal at my fur affinity. I also cannot log onto this website at work, but I can log on to FA.


The Gen is fine. Having some bad tooth shattering issues, some school type failures, and some hobby changes.

I'm selling manga if anybody is interested.

I don't know what happened.

I just kind of fell off the world.

Been keeping up on everybody else's life here, just... kind of not put anything up about my own. Weird.

Got any questions, feel free to drop them here.

I'm back. I guess. XD





Today has been...

The best day...

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making 9.50 an hour, and I can come in when I want, leave when I want, get some overtimes, and I can wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday if I so choose......

Holy crap...

I bought myself a present to celebrate.. Lucky cat mug for me!

What's really cool is that my manager now (Squee!) called me and asked for an interview, and I went in, expecting an interview. We chit-chatted a little, then sat down in his office, where he basically said,

"Well, I had to call you for an "interview" but why don't we skip it, because you've basically got the job, let's get your paperwork filled out."

And I went to HR and filled out my paperwork...


Fursuit, HERE I COME!
On the me front, I'm doing alright.

I've been getting these volatile headaches lately, and school is stressing me out, something fierce, but I'm doing alright.

Been coloring a lot of pictures, and doing that sort of thing, working on school work, and whatnot.

I went up to Utah for Thanksgiving, which was nice, big turkey, and feeling like I was part of a real family was neat.

It's been a crazy few weeks, and I'm looking for a job still.

I think due to the holiday, people aren't hiring full time employees, more for seasonal.


On a good note, I'm looking forward to this movie... Very much so.


Life as of now, is...

Kind of at a standstill.

I really need a job, and I'm kind of just sitting on my hands waiting for people to call me.

I'd love to go out and hang with people, but I just... have no freaking money.

I hate that.


Officially sucks.

I got laid off from my job today...

Yay, corporate downsizing.

I don't feel like talking about that anymore.

Hit me up for commissions. I'm in need of them now.

The world at large

Why should I remain? I went to the porch to have a thought...

Sorry, Modest Mouse running through my head.

It's been a really long time since I've updated this.


I'm so busy right now. I'm now back in school, every weeknight, but Mondays, and Mondays are off limits too, so yay.

School classes are as such.

Tuesday: Critical Thinking, which is a fancy version of debate class. The teacher's a trip, and he seems like a good guy.

Wednesday: 2d animation. Like it says... Animation.... by hand... AND I LOVE IT!

Thursday: Advanced Animation: My introduction to Maya. Seems like a lot easier than 3d Studio Max, and I think I'll do alright.

And Friday: Digital Design: My first Flash class. I'm looking forward to learning the program, but I think I'm going to have to really focus because the teacher, unfortunately, doesn't seem to really.... teach....

In the love front... Doing good. I heart him.

On the Commission front... STILL OPEN!!! DANG IT!

On the fun front... Not much. I'm going to be focusing on school. Sorry, friends, but I'm going missing for a year and three months.



Man, I need to update more.

On the lovey-dovey front, to get it out of the way, J and I are awesome. I really think we're in it for the long haul. I adore him.

Anywho. I am now medically insured, so it's time to freaking break the bank and go to the doctor. Lots of them. I need to go to the girly doctor, the normal checkup doctor, and I want to get my mental health checked out. Because if I'm bipolar (like I'm pretty damn sure I am), I want a doctor's say so.

I'm not really tired, but I should be. It's freaking 1 in the morning, and I have to be up in... about... 6.5 hours. Yeah. But, I won't be doing anything incredible. Just playing a module for Arcanis. Nothing grandstandy.

On the fursuit front. Yes... Oh yes... It will take entirely too long.. but yessss... $1985. That's how much.. Gods dang. GIVE ME COMMISSIONS!!! I will draw anything. I mean... ANYTHING. You want nakey yaoi, I'll draw it... You want vore... I'll draw it... (Not very incredibly happily, but yes, I'll draw it.) Macro, micro, sure. Hells, I'll do hyper-endowed stuff.

NO GURO. Gods, icks. There's my line. Dead things, no.

On the work front....*faceplant* Is there a tactful way to tell people to quit drama-ing up an office? Other than that... My work makes me tired. But I think work is supposed to do that.


Dang it. Want my freaking suit.

Oh, Witchiebunnie, I read your comic, may I do fan art?

Kappy, we must finish our art trade!!! I've gotten a little more insight into Photoshop, so I think that I might try something cute and fun with the pic.

I'm 24. Wow. I'm ready to seize my life.

It's time.

I've been a fur as long as I can remember, and I've always kind of... not really thought about it, this important part of myself. Been kind of putting it off, really, but it's now time.

I'm getting a suit. Gennii Drominda will become furry flesh.

It's going to be difficult to work out, but J said that it would mean more if I worked to get it myself. However, I don't make enough outright to get it any quicker than a year and 9 months from now.

So, I'm putting this out.

I'm open for commissions. I'm not so much desperate, but I'm now starting to feel naked without that part of myself created.

I will draw anything. And I mean anything. Be it Yiff, Porn, Couple pictures, characatures, or just a picture of someone flipping someone else off.

5 for base sketch
10 for inked
15 for heavy graphite
20 for colored pictures
add another 5 for another character
add another 5 for a crazy background.

I'll do digital coloring, but I suck at it and I don't think you'd get your money's worth.

I cannot explain how incredibly important this is becoming to me, but I don't want to ask for donations.

So, I'll provide a service.